Massage comb
Massage comb
Massage comb

Massage comb

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Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush

It’s time to balance out your hair ions with the portable electric ionic hair brush. Constant brushing and towel-drying can strip away negative ions from your hair and that’s where our brush can help!

Healthy Hair

Long-term use can reduce hair loss. The traditional brush is only responsible for detangling or smoothing, while our ionic hairbrush could release abundant negative ions

Iconic Care 

 Ionic care for smooth and shiny hair is antistatic, eliminates frizz, and helps to lock in conditioner. It helps hair regain top strength. The mat is detachable for easy cleaning

Portable And Compact

Its small size means it can be placed in most bags. Perfect for when you are on the go. It helps to massage the scalp and rejuvenate hair. Neutralizing static electricity and effectively stimulating the head gives the best care for your hair. This detangler brush has a metal tooth comb that won't snag or pull hair. It works on wet or dry hair, straight or curly, adults and children.


  • Type: Comb
  • Hairbrush material: metal
  • Size: ion electric brush
  • Product Name: Electric Ion Modeling
  • Hair color: pink, black, purple